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Every house is built to become home for several generations for decades. The man who builds the house, believes that there will be created all necessary conditions for a long and healthy life for him, his children and his grandsons. In such questions there are no trifles. «Bausapiens» system allows:

• Improved vapor permeabilty of walls. «Breathing walls» are especially important for people with cardiovascular system problems. The house with the windows closed for the winter, insulated by polyfoam or foamglass, is similar to the plastic container with densely closed cover.

• Absence of polymeric materials allocating toxic substances in building envelope (walls, roofs). The owner of the house insulated with mineral wool plates, years inhales air with admissible concentration of formaldehyde, that precisely does not go on advantage to an organism.

• Absence of fibrous materials allocating microfibres in building envelope. Modern high-quality fibrous materials are made from biosoluble fibres. However it is difficult to imagine the person who would be pleased with thought that, in its lungs successfully proceeds process of dissolution of basalt fibres.

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