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Fibrolite Application in «Bausapiens» system

Fibrolite is multipurpose building material with excellent technical characteristics made from mineralized wood wool and cement.

Unlike old Soviet technologies, «Bausapiens» system provides application of Fibrolite for:

• Permanent casing for walls — low density Fibrolite

• Continuous roof lathing — average density Fibrolite

• Ceilings, eaves boarding — high density Fibrolite

• Siding, roofs («Comfort-rapid») — high density Fibrolite

For the Ukrainian consumers we can recommend cement Fibrolite by Russian manufacture (trade mark GREENBOARD). The company «Building innovations» — unique manufacturer of cements Fibrolite on the CIS territory. The company operates on the newest Dutch equipment. Fibrolite plates completely correspond to the European requirements of quality. The plates made by the company, are absolutely legalized in Ukraine (the test report of combustibility groups definition, the conclusion of sanitary-and-epidemiologic examination), and have passed all tests necessary for their application. Some of the Ukrainian enterprises already import Russian Fibrolite to Ukraine today.

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