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Fibrolite (from latin fibra — fibre and greek lithos — stone) — the building material received by formation of a mix of so-called wood-wool (specially processed long shaving) with Portlandcement (cement Fibrolite) or the burnt magnesite (magnesia Fibrolite).

In Europe Fibrolite is used near hundred years. The first Fibrolite plates have been made in Austria more than hundred years ago. Till now in Europe Fibrolite plate are known by name of the first manufacturer — HERAKLITH. Now Fibrolite increases popularity all over the world due to advanced consumer properties. Fibrolite in large amounts is made and consumed in many EU countries.

Fibrolite in «Bausapiens» system for Ukraine — «the second coming» for a long time known old material. In Soviet Union it was made up to 3 million m3 Fibrolite insulators per year.

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