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Fibrolite Consumer Properties

Fibrolite possesses a unique complex of consumer properties.

• Excellent mechanical properties — bending durability, the elasticity module, etc.
• Convenience of processing — sawing, drilling, milling, processing of edges
• Excellent nailability, high resistance for screws pull out, absence of cracks and chips, etc.
• Durability, increase of mechanical properties of plates during time because of carbonization process
• Weather resistance, possibility of use as a front element with processing by water-repellent agent.
• Frost resistance
• Stability of the form
• Low factor of linear expansion
• Absence of a condensate because of capillary distribution of a moisture on length of fibers.
• Function of humidity regulation of air inside building (effect of the wooden house)
• Absence of a smell, emission of formaldehyde and other toxic substances
• Fire safety class G1 (does not sustain combustion), absence of toxic smoke gases emission
• Biological stability (plates can not be damaged by rodents, insects, fungi)

Consumer properties of high density Fibrolite plate (GB 3) surpass similar plate materials — OSB, glassmagnesite, etc.

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