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System «Bausapiens» regardless of number of storeys and the building areas provides the construction of framework from modular reinforced many-storeyed concrete pylon/columns of built-up section.

Modular reinforced many-storeyed concrete pylons — building component, tested throughout many decades. Particularly as a prototype of applied columns and knots of their connection with floor slabs served technical solution of system KUB 2,5 (development product of CNIIEPdwelling and CNIIPImonolith). Buildings with KUB 2,5 framework were in large quantities built in the Russian Federation and Ukraine. Thus, developers of system «Bausapiens» have considered some lacks of system of KUB 2,5 (the limited grid of columns, a massive column which, as a rule, is not located in a plane of a wall and frequently spoils an interior).

Particularly, massive column (40×40 cm) has been replaced by flat rectangular pylon, forming built-up section. This engineering design has been developed and tested during Soviet times by institute KievZNIIEP. The first house with such pylons has been constructed in 1986 in Kharkov city.

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