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  Construction Process of Concrete Foundation Plate

Construction process of concrete foundation plates means an application of concrete placed without vibration. Practice has shown that the most technological way is to use high-quality factory prepared concrete with P3 flowability and addition directly in an automixer on-site of special plasticizer by German company MC BAUCHEMIE.

The technology consists of following stages:

Х Installation of communications inputs (sewage, water, heating, cartridges for cable input, etc.)
Х Leveling of sand bedding
Х Installation of spacing waterproofing
Х Installation of lower reinforcement net and installation of framework cross rib reinforcement
Х Installation of heating and water supply tubes
Х Placing of lower concrete slab
Х installation of blockouts, upper reinforcement net
Х Placing of concrete to upper concrete slab and ribs.
Х Polishing of concrete surface by smoothing device.
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