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Slabby not-deepened concrete foundation for light low-rise houses is the standard solution applied in many countries of Europe. In Ukraine first houses with such concrete foundation have been constructed in 2005.

Specific pressure of plate upon a basis ground is much lower than pressure from tape concrete foundation. Rigid box-shaped (lacunal) structure of plates in combination with 50 cm drain sandy pillow exclude possible deformations of a building caused by frost soil heaving .

Concrete foundation for low-rise houses is three-layer (lacunal) plate with blockouts from foampolystyrene and integrated paving. Concrete foundation plate is installed without deepening, on condensed sandy pillow. Engineering design of plate allows prior to grouting to execute all inputs and necessary tube distribution. Also it’s technologically convenient to place water heating system tubes in plate body. Specified by construction technology of a plate, polishing of its surface by smoothing device in a complex with the integrated tube distribution allows to exclude necessity of the subsequent floor preparation cap. It means, that surface of concrete foundation plate is ready to installing on it a clean floor.

Concrete foundation plate with integrated paving is the finished zero cycle of construction. Labor input and cost of works on concrete foundation plate construction, as a rule, is significantly lower than cost of works for zero cycle of tape concrete foundation construction, floors preparation caps and paving.

The approximate expense of materials — on 1м2 of concrete foundation plates construction (without heating of a floor):
• reinforcing steel — 4 — 5 kg,
• concrete В20 P3 — 0,12 — 0,14 м3,
• foampolystyrene PSBS 20 — 0,17 — 0,19 м3

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