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Building components of «Bausapiens» system harmoniously unites the best for today variants of planning and constructive decisions. It is necessary to notice, that each of construction elements (materials, technologies) is already used throughout many years widely in various European countries. The only new thing in this concept is the specific combination of some well-tested construction elements in one project. Thus, offered system unites advanced building experience of Austria, Germany, Holland, Russia and Ukraine.

Building components of «Bausapiens» system means application of the following construction elements:

Concrete foundation for low-rise houses (mainly — cottages and townhouses) — monolithic reinforced three-layer (lacunal) concrete plate arranged without deepening.
Framework — prefabricated reinforced concrete many-storeyed built-up section pylons.
External walls — monolithic from a light Sioporconcrete (density of 400 kg/m3, Λ =0,09) in permanent casing from Fibrolite plates GB 1-35 with density 400 kg/m3.
Floor slab — monolithic reinforced three-layer (lacunal) concrete plate with blockout from Siopor.
• Internal walls and partitions — from gas-silicate blocks with density 400 kg/m3.
• Roof:
     ›The combined roofs — sloped warming Sioporconcrete cap with density 400 kg/m3 and «dry» cap from Fibrolite plates GB 3-22 with density 1000 kg/m3.
     ›Separate roofs — warming of garret slab by Siopor
     ›Pitched Roof — warming fillings for space between roof timbers
• Facade finish — actively «breathing» facade system.

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