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Pitched roof in «Bausapiens» system is arranged, as a rule, with an unexploited attic with frame system from the latticed farms made from bended of the zinced steel profile. Farms lean without rafter plate directly on monolithic reinforced-concrete belt that is tying pylons and are fasten to it.

On the top belt of farms continuous roof boarding from Fibroliteовых plates GB 2is arranged.

The ceiling is filed to the bottom belt of farms (gypsum cardboard, Fibrolite) with obligatory installing of vapor-barrier.

The roof is warmed by filling on ceiling filing (on vapor-barrier) with Siopor. System «Bausapiens» means warming 200 mm thick filling arrangement. At such thickness, thermal resistance of insulation layer is R = 4,4 m2*oK/watt, that corresponds to the European requirements on energy-saving and more than in one and a half time exceeds requirements of the Ukrainian thermal norms.

Metal farms in a combination with nonflammable roof boarding, ceiling filing and Siopor warming completely correspond to the concept of the nonflammable safe house of «Bausapiens» system.

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«Bausapiens» system
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