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Floor slabs in «Bausapiens» system are a monolithic reinforced three-layer 300-350mm thick concrete plate of box-shaped/lacunal section.

Monolithic reinforced three-layer concrete floor slabs are already more than forty years widely applied across all Europe. In quality of blockouts are used foampolystyrene blocks, plastic tanks, boxes from Fibrolite plates etc. In Ukraine by fire norms application of materials that form toxic compounds while is being thermodestructed in interfloor floor slabs is forbidden. Institute KievZNIIEP developed construction of three-layer floor slabs with blockouts from Siopor. Floor slabs of such design have been successfully tested by scientific research institute of building designs of Ukraine Gosstroy (statics) and Institute of fire safety of the Internal Affairs Ministry of Ukraine (fire resistance limit).

Engineering design of the plate, combining the height of section with the minimized own weight, allows to increase span of plates up to 12m in both directions and, thereby, to realize the most courageous architectural decisions.

Electrical networks and a heating network are placed in a plate. The plate surface is processed by polishing devices that allows refusing preparation under clear floors.

The General need of reinforcement on 1m2 of plate is only 12-14 kg.

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«Bausapiens» system
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