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Plate of floor slab is a monolithic reinforced box-shaped/lacunal 300-400mm thick concrete structure formed by two thin panels connected by system of hidden cross girders/edges.

The thickness of both panels, as a rule, is 5cm (in case of installation of floor water heating systems a thickness of the top panel is increased up to 10cm).

The width of cross beams/edges is 10cm with step of beams nearby 1m. For the big spans and/or in case of impossibility of pylon regular step organization in a plate body can be arranged the «hidden» girders which are reinforced by rod reinforcement.

For reinforcing of plate Floor Slabs use a standard grid from wire Вр1 and rod reinforcement. The specific need of steels for plate reinforcing at flights up to 9m is 12-13 kg/m2.

During garret slab organization there is allowed application of blockouts from foampolystyrene.

Column compounds

Casing drawing

Framework distribution scheme

Reinforcement distribution scheme
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