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The technology of external walls construction with a concrete core from monolithic Sioporconcrete practically does not differ from traditional technology of concrete walls construction in fixed Fibrolite/arbolite casing. Difference consists only in reduction of fixing elements quantity and possibility of concreting of a wall on all height that allows to increase rates significantly and to lower labor input of works.

Construction process of external walls consists of following stages:
before the beginning of walls construction montage of bearing framework (pylon) must be finished
On the surface of concrete foundation plate the contour of inner side of wall is marked
The first row of Fibrolite plates is installed, then vertical Fibrolite plates which frame the apertures are installed . Fibrolite plates of the first and following rows fasten to concrete pylons with facade spacing dowel.
Second row of Fibrolite plates is installed. In aperture arrangement places in corresponding Fibrolite plates the contour of lower pard is being cut out.
Casing is filled by Sioporconcrete until the level of window aperture bottom. Sioporconcrete must be placed without vibration, light compaction of Sioporconcrete by poking is allowed.
Bottom of window apertures are covered by Fibrolite plates
Casing till upper project mark is installing
Sioporconcrete is placed till upper project mark
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