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The concept of house safety is rather emotional, than tangible. Naturally, any house permitted to building meets all requirements of building norms. Thus the person has purely mental sensation of vulnerability in the frame house with thickness of an external wall 20 cm or in the house constructed from combustible (even very flame-resisted) materials. The proverb «my house is my fortress» absolutely corresponds to mentality of each of us. System «Bausapiens» allows everyone to construct the house with qualities of a small individual fortress:

• Increased static reliability of a building — snow, wind, operational loadings.

• Seismic stability up to 9 points.

• Increased fire safety of a building — absence in bearing and building envelope of combustible materials and release of toxic substances at a fire.

• Durability of all materials — in a building structure there are no materials (as a rule polymeric), which have liability to natural ageing.

• Improved bioproofness of a building — construction materials of the house is are «inedible» for rodents and insects, there are also no emptiness and cavities allowing pests to nest and settle.

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