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Sioporconcrete has unique macroporous structure in which each Siopor grain «is wrapped» by very thin layer of a cement milk and grains are connected among themselves by a cement stone only in contact points. Such structure and inorganic silicate Siopornature define such properties of Sioporconcrete:

• Low density (300-400 kg/m3). Moisture-laden Sioporconcrete floats in water.
• Low heat conductivity. Sioporconcrete heat conductivity is on third less than high-quality gas-silicate with similar density.
• High sound absorption level
• Absence of a smell
• Absence of harmful substances emission
• Durability
• Incombustibility
• Water resistance
• Absence of fibrous inclusions
• Biological stability against damage by rodents, insects and fungi
• Absence of a static electricity
• Adaptability to manufacture and simplicity of preparation
• Low specific weight (kg/m2) of a wall allows to lower loadings on concrete foundation significantly and also to reduce labour input, transport expenses and expenses for walls construction
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