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Sioporconcrete Recipe and Preparation

Simple dosage and technology of Sioporconcrete preparation directly on-site cause stable quality.

For preparation 1m3 of Sioporconcrete is needed:
• Siopor — 1m3
• Portlandcement М400 — 300 kg
• Water — about 90 liters.

Sioporconcrete is prepared in gravitational concrete mixer (capacity 0,33 m3).

For convenience of dosage Siopor is delivered by the manufacturer packaged in 166 liter bags (1/6 m3). In one mixing one Siopor bag and 50 kg (2×25 kg bags) of cement are dozed.

Sequence of Sioporconcrete preparation:
• pour out 15 liters of water in rotating mixer then two bags of cement.
• prepare a cement milk during 20-40 seconds
• in a cement milk pour out bag of Siopor and mix throughout 30-60 seconds before full homogenization of a mix

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