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«Bausapiens» system has been created as result of generalization of the advanced european building experience and its combination with the best solutions generated by builders from Ukraine and Russia. With all respect to building technologies and enormous volumes of construction in America it is necessary to notice, that, in humble opinion of system «Bausapiens» developers, so-called «Canadian» and «American» technologies should not find in Ukraine wide application in long-term prospect for some reasons. Mentality of ukrainians is more conservative (it is featly to tell — more European) and prefers to the capital reliable house with massive thick walls.

Thus, important role in making of system «Comfort» played pilot projects of ukrainian building science (first of all it is institute KievZNIIEP) which outstrips today the most progressive European technologies.

«Bausapiens» system is universal. Building components of this system equally match for multistoried section houses, and for separate cottages. With the same effectiveness «Bausapiens» system is applicable at designing and building of office buildings, hotels, social projects, shopping and recreation center centers, etc.

Efficiency and universality of system «Bausapiens» is mainly caused by application of new materials and technologies.

The special section of system «Bausapiens» is the technology of quick-constructed buildings from a sandwich — panels «Bausapiens-rapid». This technology first of all is intended for building of social/official habitation, resort complexes, etc.

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«Bausapiens» system
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