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Recent times when in Ukraine everything that has been constructed was sold easily, irrespective of quality and technology, unfortunately, have irrevocably sunk into oblivion. To survive in the present situation, accurate definition of the position in the market of building services is necessary for everyone. For potential customer is always important the question about difference of the given contractor from thousand others. Frequently the decision is made based on lower price from one of the contractors, and it is a way to deadlock.

We consider that only new efficient technologies and effective design decisions of system «Bausapiens» can give the chance to contracting organizations, which are interested in development of such novelties, to take a favorable competitive position in the market of building contracts.

We offer cooperation for all contracting organizations, which are searching possibilities of the further development and are ready to get rid of old stereotypes.

Technologies from system «Bausapiens», basically, are very simple. The main condition is strong technological discipline and control. The personnel of the contract organizations, which were first mastered technologies of system «Bausapiens», passed special training in Austria. We do not think that such procedure is required to everyone — today there is a possibility to train your personnel in Ukraine. An optimum variant from our point of view — execution of part of works on your object on sub-contract by trained contractor with simultaneous training of your personnel.

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«Bausapiens» system
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