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«Bausapiens» system
Cost строительства

Essential decrease in the cost price of building was one of the main tasks, solved by system «Bausapiens».

Now it is possible to guarantee the construction cost price of 1m2 of the sold area of residential houses within system «Bausapiens» in «under commissioning» degree of readiness:

• For cottages — 390$-450/m2. Naturally, the cost price of cottage building depends on set of factors — the areas, number of storeys, complexities of a roof, aperture factor, etc. The important role is played here by perimeter/area ratio of the house. At cottage settlements, groups of cottages and/or townhouses building the construction cost price can be additionally lowered by organization of specialized building streams.

• For many-storeyed section houses — 350$-400/m2. As an example it is possible to result a four-storeyed 72-apartment three-section residential house with tape concrete foundation and pitched a roof. Calculated cost of building (without special works, but with full building readiness) makes about 280 $/m2 of sold area.

• For quick-building «Comfort-rapid» buildings (a prefabricated house from sandwich-panels with increased factory readiness) — 300$-350/m2.

Thus decrease in the cost price of building is reached not because of decrease in its quality or comfort of dwellings. The houses built under new projects, differs by increased comfort and advanced consumer characteristics. Cost price decrease is reached first of all because of new effective materials and Building components application. So, for example, the consumption of reinforcing steel in system «Bausapiens» takes only 12-14 kg/m2 for floor slabs and 4-5 kg/m2 for concrete foundation.

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«Bausapiens» system
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