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  Sioporconcrete Technical Characteristics

Name of measure Unit Amount
Density kg/m3 400
Ultimate compression strength kg/cm2 6
heat conductivity coefficient of concrete
in dry condition
in operation condition “А”
in operation condition "B"
watt/m оК  
Calculated bulk humidity of concrete
in operation condition "А"
in operation condition "B"
Vapor permeabilty coefficient Mg/m*h*PA 0,2
Mass of 1m2 of 37cm thick outer wall
(«Komfort» system)
кг 150
Thermal resistance of 37 cm outer wall
(«Komfort» system)
m2 оК/watt 4,6
Thickness of equal by thermal characteristics outer wall made of bricks m 2,9
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«Komfort» system
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