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Before construction in stone and metal, every building without an exception is built in the head of the designer. As a rule, level of technical decisions realized in projects depends on designer and designers are in ongoing search of new effective materials and technologies.

Designer is the expert, which is able to analyze all advantages of system «Bausapiens» and to inform potential customers/investors about these advantages. Thus, the design organizations which are cooperating with us receive in the conditions of the limited market essential competitive advantages due to possibility to offer the customer projects of cheap and comfort buildings.

All materials and technologies before their application in Ukraine have been analyzed and tested. Experts from institute «KievZNIIEP» which has carried out calculation and tests multistory compound pylons and not-sunken concrete foundation were the basic ideologists of the Ukrainian variant of system «Bausapiens». Tests of three-layer box-shaped overlapping have been performed by NIISK (statics) and NIIPB (fire resistance limit).

We will be glad to share our experience of building designing in «Bausapiens» system with the ukrainian designers. In case of interest in realization of this system, experts from the design organizations can receive examples of design decisions, block designs, products, etc. We would like to pay your attention that it’s not about sales. In case of problems occurrence with designing of reinforced concrete structures of buildings in system «Bausapiens» (calculation of framework, concrete foundation and overlapping is made by original techniques), experts from the company «OSV Praktik» which are having the experience of designing such constructions can develop the complete set of reinforced concrete design drawings for your projects.

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«Bausapiens» system
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